AFA is a tools for financial and economic analysis of agri-food value chains

It offer:

  1. a framework for storing, transferring, updating data describing value chains actors activities and;
  2. iProcess the data set to produce the following output and indicators
    • Mapping of the value chains – functional analysis table and graph
    • Product flow matrix and graph
    • Financial and economic indicators for each actor and for the whole value chain
    • Governance of the value chain and equity
    • Value chain induced effect for the value‐added generation
    • International Viability of the value chain (Parity price and  Social Price)
    • Job creation

AFA is currently only available for Windows. The MEANS platform development teams are working on interfacing it with the environmental flows present in InOut


Read the installation instructions before starting the installation process.

Modification date : 09 May 2023 | Publication date : 28 October 2022 | Redactor : MEANS